Music and Movement:  Bonus Section, Make Your Instruments

Music and Movement:  Bonus Section, Make Your Instruments


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Music can, and should, be incorporated into many centers and many times of day. Music can be a part of art, circle time, dramatic play, library and so much more. It needs to include dance and it is so important to include all kinds of music. If you have a stash of “kid” music, that’s great. But get ready to add country and jazz and every other kind. Let’s help them explore with music! Not only will we play the instruments in the music center, we will make our own instruments and learn how they work and how to play them! Great for infant through school age.  Course length  – 2.0 hours.
The course answers the following questions:
  • What is known about how music promotes the development of non-musical intelligence in children?
  • Why should music be utilized in more ways than in the music center and during circle time?
  • Why should I use multiple genres in the classroom?
  • Why should music be more than just singing nursery rhymes?
  • How can I add music to my art activities?
  • What accessories can I add to dance to make it more fun?
  • What kinds of instruments can we make ourselves?
  • Can I make my own instruments with a low budget?


Participants who successfully complete this course will be able to:
  • Create a music center that will include everything needed that is developmentally appropriate for their class.
  • Explain exactly why music education is important for children so that they will be motivated to incorporate it.
  • Create lesson plans that will include the children making their own instruments out of materials that are already in the classroom.