All of our Kentucky early childcare courses are approved by Kentucky ECE-TRIS (Early Care and Education Training Records Information System) and approved as clock hours for those who work in child care.  Our courses are on the ECE-TRIS calendar and your training hours will be reported within ten days of successful completion of any course.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  In the state of Kentucky, you are not permitted to retake a course that you have previously taken unless five years have passed.  If you choose to purchase and repeat a course in less than five years, you will NOT receive credit hours on ECE TRIS.  If you have any questions about whether or not you have taken one of our courses previously, check your student profile.  All courses you have taken will be listed there.  If we can help in any way, email Connie at   

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Division of Regulated Child Care
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We provide courses to Kentucky early childhood educators. We cover a wide range of topics. Our most popular main course categories are art and literature, learning centers, child physical growth and development, curriculum, special needs, and lesson plans. We offer other main course categories by age including infant, toddler, preschool, and school age.  Finally, a group of main course categories for Kentucky early childhood educators are family and community relationships, health, and safety, learning center management, motor skills, preschool, S.T.E.M., social-emotional, staff well-being, and time management.

Our course catalog page has a search feature easily that allows you to easily search our Kentucky early childcare course descriptions for specific content. The author of our courses has an extensive background as an early childhood teacher, center director, and course author. As a result, our Kentucky early childcare courses are developed with real-world experience and practical application in mind. Moreover, every course is developed from extensive research and is based on current early childhood development theory.

Each Kentucky early childcare course includes additional recourses that you can refer to for deeper study. Furthermore, many of the resources can be downloaded for your future use. Our courses also offer a note-taking feature where you can write your notes for future use. Finally, as we recognize there are many different learning preferences, our courses can be taken with audio enabled or disabled as every word is both spoken and written. The courses can also be purchased in bundles. This allows you to save on every course. We offer 15, 25, 50, 75, 100, and 225-hour Kentucky early childcare course bundles with hourly rates as low as $2.60. We can also create custom course bundles if you need a different number of hours for your staff.

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