Math with Preschoolers

Math with Preschoolers


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Math with Preschoolers explains multiple math concepts that may help teachers prepare preschool children for the math they will learn in elementary school.
Course length – 2.0 hours.
The course helps answer the following questions:
  • How can I help the children have a positive attitude towards math?
  • How can I teach children to really grasp the concept of numbers and counting?
  • Are preschoolers ready for concepts of addition and subtraction?
  • How can I help children understand what data is?
  • What are some fun ways to teach them about measuring?
  • Are pattern and shapes important to teach preschool children?
  • What are positional words and how do I teach them?
Participants who successfully complete this course will
  • Understand why teaching math to preschoolers is important.
  • Be able to help children have a positive attitude towards a subject many are taught to dislike.
  • Gain an understanding of methods to teach multiple math concepts to preschoolers.