School Age Children:  The Age Range Challenge

School Age Children: The Age Range Challenge

If you are employed in a state that uses a registry to track professional development hours, you will be able to provide your registry ID (Stars, MOPID, Registry or other ECE ID#) after you have completed the quiz for the course. If you pass the quiz we will report your course completion to the state registry using the registry ID that you provide.
Teaching five year old’s and twelve year old’s at the same time is a huge challenge. This course addresses the challenge and describes multiple ways to unite the children in relationships with each other. It offers multiple ideas for activities and games that will teach them important lessons while giving them hours of fun and every one of them can be adjusted to include the youngest and the oldest in your group. Want to play a game that is fair for multiple ages and abilities? This is the course for you! Course length  – 2.0 hours.
The course answers the following questions:
  • How can I teach a five year old and a twelve year old at the same time?
  • What games are adaptable to both the youngest and oldest in my group at the same time?
  • How can I help establish healthy relationships between the various age groups in the classroom?
  • How can I help the older children feel heard and respected?
  • What is the best way to handle technology that children bring into the classroom?
  • What is the best way to handle competition among the children?
  • What science experiments work for this age range?
  • What are some fun drama or theatrical art activities that the children can practice and then perform together?


Participants who successfully complete this course will:
  • Learn how to encourage relationships between the age groups in the schoolers group.
  • Learn how to set up a mentoring system in the schoolers classroom.
  • Learn activities that are fair and yet challenging for the entire range of ages.


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